Friday, March 20, 2009

The new normal

It's hard to believe it's only been a week since we got the call, saying that Sharon's dad was declining rapidly. She flew to Toronto last Sunday. On Monday she called to say that Gerd had passed away.

Time really does move at a varying pace. Just a month ago, Gerd and Lorna were here with us, planning the next leg of their journey which would take them to New Zealand. It may as well have been a year ago, the way it feels from here. For Sharon, it may feel like it was yesterday.

Sharon is with Lorna now, and will be there until nearly Easter. Sharon says each hour is a little easier than the one before it, which is the way these things go. The kids and I are doing OK, slowly returning to normal.

Of course, normal is a little different around here. Normal is surfing lessons after school on Friday, and going for a swim between torrential showers. It's banana pancakes topped with custard apple for breakfast (imagine a fruit that looks like an enormous dried apple, but tastes like apple pie filling), and watching Friday night rugby on the telly. But it's also road hockey with a friend (Isaiah has introduced his friends to the joys of mini sticks), grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, and going for a bike ride.

Sunday we'll probably go to the main beach in Noosa to watch the finals of the surfing competition. Gerd loved the beach, and enjoyed watching people perform well at any sport. Going to the beach seems like an appropriate thing to do.

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The Queen said...

Hi Andrew - my condolences. Give Bruno a big hug for me. I don't know if Sharon told you about Jolene Robinson & her mother Carolyn Bray. It's been a rough week. Jolene was in our class last year, so Isaiah would have gotten to know her pretty well. Not a fun March Break here at all.