Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cold weather vacation plans

Winter is arriving on the Sunshine Coast, which so far has meant overnight lows of 12 to 15 degrees and highs in the low 20s. As we seem to be getting used to Queensland living, we're finding it chilly. Apparently it can get down to single digits in July and August, which may mean we have to put on long pants and socks. Shocking!

Fortunately there's a two week winter holiday in July, so we've been considering a trip to the north end of Queensland, where it's hot enough to swim and snorkel year-round. But then we got a very generous offer: someone's mum is coming to visit Queensland during the winter holidays, and has offered to let us stay in her apartment in Hobart.

Now Tasmania is supposed to be quite gorgeous, and it's a part of Australia many tourists don't see because it's somewhat out of the way, so it's a very tempting offer. The downside is that Tassie has real winter -- snow in the mountains, black ice on the roads. Even Hobart, which is a more temperate, coastal city, typically has high temps in the mid-teens at that time of year. Brrrr!

As Sharon and I weighed our options, we decided to see what the kids thought. So I put it to them at supper the other night: go north and snorkel, or go south and sight-see. All three leapt at the chance to experience cold weather again! As Charlotte said, you can take the girl out of Canada, but you can't take Canada out of the girl.

We're still looking for cheap flights, but if we can find a deal we may be getting a taste of the cold much sooner than we had expected.


everob said...

Yeah I know where they're coming from....if I had a choice now between another snow holiday or a beach holiday (the reverse as per our situation), I'd be going with the beach! Love them both, but looking forward to some of the old!! Cairns and Hobart are both on our list of to-do upon our return...haven't been to Cairns for a few years and haven't ever been to Hobart. Neither should be a wrong decision (though I'll be doing Hobart in the summer...).

The Queen said...

That's my Charlotte! How's my Bruno? I miss him! We've almost finished grade 6 testing - lucky him (& lucky Charlotte & Ana!) for missing all of it!

Andrew said...

Bruno's doing great, although here's he's universally known as Izzy. He's playing loads of soccer and is drumming up a storm with his band.