Monday, December 29, 2008

The adventure that is travel

A litle over 24 hours ago we left the house, heading down the highway to Toronto. After roughly a year of planning, the adventure had begun. And now, here we are... at the Toronto Airport Sheraton. Woo-hoo!
Our first flight was delayed yesterday, which meant we would have missed our connections. We spent about 8 hours in the airport, hoping to make it onto another flight. In the end we got seats on tonight's flight, which will put us in Fiji roughly 24 hours from now.
Still, it's a very nice airport. I suppose. As these things go.
And staying at the hotel last night, at American Airlines expense, was a lot better than sleeping on the floor in the airport.
In truth, we're not really having to struggle to be philosophical about this. We really are all just shrugging and saying "things happen." It's a shame we'll only have one night in Fiji rather than two, but it's not the end of the world. As my grandad used to say, "worse things have happened at sea."
Hmm... Given that we'll be flying over the sea tonight, perhaps that's not the most comforting of nostrums.

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