Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Visas. Aaaargh!

So two months ago, we applied for our visas. Two weeks ago, I called the Visa help line at the High Commission to find out where they were, and was told all was in order and they were being processed. Just sit tight, the guy said, and they'll arrive.
This week I called again, and was told they were missing some documents. They said they had sent me an email in early November, an email I didn't receive. So now here it is, 13 days before departure, and we're trying to remember the name of the doctor who delivered Isaiah and our mailing address 14 years ago in Cobden in order to apply for the long form birth certificates. If all goes well, we should get the birth certificates by Thursday or Friday, which means I'll have to drive to Ottawa on Monday to get them processed before Christmas.
Of course, Ottawa is lovely at this time of year, but...
I just need to sit calmly and conjure up pictures of Australia. Perhaps something other than this one.


Bailey Davis said...

Hi Isaiah Its Bailey Davis I just want to make sure you have a Great trip

Thanks:Bailey Davis

Lorna and Gerd said...

Great idea!

Dave C said...

Enjoyed reading so far. I shall follow your exploits with great interest. Thanks for the card.
Love the picture of "jaws". Going to do much snorkeling ?